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December 2018 - May 2019

Written, recording, mixed by BOXSET
Drums - Lucas Haas
Mastering - Peter Bark


released August 30, 2019


all rights reserved



boxset New Jersey

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Track Name: years
Made my faces change
I’ll show you what my words will mean
when my face will change
I hope that we will stay the same

I know you won’t play games with me

Made my faces change
I always wanna see you win
Made my faces change
don’t care about who I have been
Track Name: good form
Will you remember how I was?
Before I got myself realigned

It’s still hard to keep a form
But I guess that’s gotta come with time

Ice blue gel when I rest
Cleanse my hands when I rinse

I need that support
Cause it comes and goes and comes again
I’ll stretch on the porch
Before I run around the block again
I’ll feel that support
Because these Reebok’s have that good mindset
Lose my breath at the door
I’m fight it out best I can

Ice blue gel when I rest
Cleanse my hands when I rinse
Track Name: plants
I’ve been lead around
I’ve been that someone
I feel new
I feel like someone

Watch the layers wash down the drain
I’ll see you again in my dream
With the long hair that blinds your face
All the colors that fill your mane

I’ll be a family

I’ll be careful not to drive so fast
You get nauseous when I hit those bends
Keep it steady when I make those turns
With you it’s everyday I still learn

I’ll think about all of our plans
In a greenhouse with all of your plants
We’ll need water to feed those roots
Pretty colors that fill the room

I’ll be a family
Track Name: be my
I’ve got a world
And a plan
You are the flower
When things get bad

And if I lose
Everyone I have
Because that’s life
Would you still have my hand?

You could be my moon
On the ceiling of my room

Cause my sky
Has the clearest blue
Oh you like the stars?
I’ll glue them up for you

My one hour photo
Stretched out to last
In it, I see those wrinkles
when I make you laugh

You could be my moon
On the ceiling of my room
Track Name: little things
I know you know that I enjoy and live a picky kind of life
I like how you’re a friend, and how you don’t change up in the spotlight

Little things show people wanna glow
And do the most
I don’t know but that’s kinda gross
Like body fluids
Culture through
Your phone

About me.

Thinking what’s it say about me?
Track Name: cleanse
Clear out my body
I’m a spirit ensemble

eyes on a seraph
I’m gonna grow me a halo

To see you

I wanna walk through walls

Baby keep me hovering
So I don’t rot
Baby showed me something
That I forgot
Track Name: fuji
I know what it means to you
To be honest
they’ll probably all pretend with you
but I’m honest

And glad
Tell them that they won’t get past
Too fast
I’m the only one to last

I wanna open film with you
Cause you’re classic
I’ll wait another week with you
Cause I’m classic

And glad
To wait another week to laugh
Paid cash
darkroom blotched another batch

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